From Patios to Driveways in Aylesbury | 4 Ways our Work Represents a Wise Investment

As vastly-experienced paving contractors in the Aylesbury area, the team at Parklane Driveways have seen first-hand the benefits that our work offers. Whether it’s block paving patios, pattern imprinted concrete driveways or meticulously designed walkways and pathways, our clients always reap an array of benefits from the projects we complete. From financial benefits to those bringing a better quality of life, we’ve outlined 4 of the most common benefits that Parklane Driveways provides property owners in Aylesbury.

1. Increased Property Value

Now more than ever, kerb appeal plays a vital role in the value of a property. While thousands of pounds are invested into interiors, exterior features often get left behind. Driveways and patios installed by professional paving contractors, like those provided by Parklane Driveways, can make a noticeable difference to the value of an Aylesbury property. According to a study by Virgin Money, driveways can add as much as 10% in value, while results from Halifax showed patios can bring about an increase anywhere between 5% and 10%, depending on what features it houses.

To view some of the recent block paving and pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios we have completed, please visit the recent projects page.

2. Improved Quality of Life

Not all investments are solely financial. For Aylesbury property owners with no intention of selling, the installation of driveways and patios results in an improved quality of life. Whether it’s the aesthetics of new block paving driveways or the improved social aspect that pattern imprinted concrete patios bring, the results we achieve open up areas of homes that might have started to become neglected.

In addition, the walkways and pathways we lay as paving contractors improve access throughout the whole of a garden, not just the patio area.

3. Low Maintenance Installations

Providing benefits from both points 1 and 2, the block paving and pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios we install have a naturally low maintenance nature. Financially, this benefits our Aylesbury clients because once our driveways and patios have been laid, they remain in fantastic condition for years to come. Worries about repairs and maintenance will be long forgotten.

In turn, this also benefits our customers by allowing them to invest their time in more enjoyable pursuits. Precious leisure time won’t need to be spent working on broken patios and driveways, but rather enjoyed with family and friends.

4. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

In our role as trusted paving contractors, we also specialise in SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). These systems offer the ethical and sustainable drainage of surface water back into the water table through the use of permeable surfaces, filter and infiltration trenches, filter strips, ponds and wetlands. By utilising SuDS technology, our clients in Aylesbury reduce the risk of water and flood damage, and the associated repair costs, to their block paving and pattern imprinted concrete installations such as driveways and patios.

To discuss the services we provide as paving contractors in Aylesbury, including driveways, patios, walkways and pathways, call 01865 841670 or 07968 532173.