Block Paving & Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Banbury

Parklane Driveways provides skilled paving contractors to carry out bespoke installations for clients in Banbury and the surrounding areas. We lay patios, paths and driveways in block paving and pattern imprinted concrete. For the convenience of our clients who might be undecided between the two, on this page we give a general oversight into how we install both block paving and pattern imprinted concrete for domestic and commercial customers in and around Banbury. The two installations share certain basic similarities, and these can be tracked side-by-side.

With more than 30 years of shared trade experience, our clients can rest assured that the techniques used by Parklane Driveways have been honed over many years, as evidenced in the outstanding workmanship we produce on a daily basis across the Banbury area.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installation

Design – Firstly, dependant on whether we’re replacing or extending patios and driveways, we help homeowners choose the type, pattern and colour of block paving. We recommend matching the colour of block paving to the existing house bricks of your Banbury home.

In regard to pattern imprinted concrete, our clients choose the kind of finish they want, including brick, stone, slate, tile, cobbles and timber. Additional colourants can also be chosen.

Excavation – For both pattern imprinted concrete and block paving, our paving contractors dig out the area to the appropriate level whilst making sure that the proposed finish is 150mm below the damp proof course of the adjoining Banbury property. If the excavated area is still flat, we apply the required fall to help clear standing water.

Edging – For both block paving and pattern imprinted driveways, our paving contractors usually mix 1 part cement and 6 parts ballast to create a concrete sub-base at your Banbury property. This is laid to a depth of 100mm. The kerb or edge will be placed on top of the setting using a string line and spirit level.

Subbase – Our paving contractors lay MOT type 1 aggregate inside the edging before raking it to the desired level. We then compact with a vibrating plate. Once compacted, the aggregate should be 100mm thick.

The same tried-and-tested formula applies to pattern imprinted concrete work too. By laying a sub-base of this quality, Banbury clients can have long-lasting patios and driveways installed that can last anywhere between 20 to 30 years.

Screeding – For block paving installations, our paving contractors lay slightly damp sharp sand to a depth of 50mm, which is then compacted. A second layer is added and levelled using string and screeding rails.

Block Paving or Pattern Imprinted Concrete Installation – Starting from the foot of any slope, we place block paving onto our prepared sub-base, ensuring each units its at least 45mm above the desired finished level. We work to the pattern agreed with our Banbury customers. When the block paving has been laid, we cut leftovers to size and fill in edges and gaps.

When it comes to pattern imprinted concrete, we pour out and level wet concrete before laying specially designed mats across the surface. These mats push the chosen design into the concrete, creating the final effect. The chosen colourants are added at this time.

Finishing Off – When block paving patios and driveways have been installed, we sweep the surface to remove any debris. The team then applies kiln-dried sand, brushing it across newly laid driveways and into the joints of the blocks. Once again, our paving contractors compact new patios and driveways at your Banbury property to ensure the best possible finish.

The final touches for pattern imprinted concrete patios and driveways include sweeping clean any debris before applying two coats of a translucent sealant for the optimal finish.

To view examples of our work in the Banbury area, please visit the recent projects page.

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