Pattern Imprinted Concrete & Block Paving in Carterton | 5 Benefits of Each

As time-served paving contractors specialising in pattern imprinted concrete and block paving, Parklane Driveways firmly believes that few other materials carry the same benefits. Whether our clients in Carterton require driveways, patios, pathways or walkways, our personnel are on hand to provide outstanding, long-lasting results. With a shared trade experience of more than 20 years, there is nothing in the industry that we haven’t already seen.

As paving contractors, we recognise the difficulty in choosing the right design and material for new patios and driveways. So, if you’re stuck between block paving and pattern imprinted concrete, we’ve listed five benefits of each below to get your Carterton home improvements under way.

5 Benefits of Block Paving Patios & Driveways

1. Low Maintenance – Block paving doesn’t need top polishing or any form of protective painting. To keep it looking fresh and clean, a simple wash with soap and water will be more than enough. Block Paving also has the credentials to withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of erratic British winters.

2. Versatility – Available in an extensive range of styles and colours, block paving offers Carterton property owners almost endless possibilities for their driveways and patios. Due to the nature of the blocks, even the most intricate designs are possible.

3. Kerb Appeal – Driveways are the first and last thing visitors to Carterton homes see, and patios play host to hours of socialising. The striking block paving results achieved by our paving contractors never fail to impress friends and family, and also prospective buyers should you ever decide to move.

4. Environmentally Friendly – Due to its design structure, block paving driveways and patios have a porous nature. When compared with other surfacing options, block paving has far higher levels of drainage, so pooling water is never an issue.

5. Hardwearing – The block paving patios and driveways we install as paving contractors in Carterton have an expected lifespan of at least 20 years. This longevity is due in part to expert installation, but also the incredible durability of the material itself.

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5 Benefits of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patios & Driveways

1. Little to No Maintenance – Whereas weeds and plants have the opportunity to grow in the gaps of block paving patios and driveways, pattern imprinted concrete options are formed of one uniform surface. Weeds and plants simply can’t grow there, so there’s no need to spend time removing them.

2. Cost-Effectiveness – Despite the luxury look that pattern imprinted concrete offers Carterton homeowners, it fits the vast majority of budgets. So, our clients can enjoy the style and aesthetic appeal of block paving while making significant savings.

3. Durability – With a professionally laid sub-base, and the high-quality concrete itself, the pattern imprinted concrete patios and driveways laid by our paving contractors provide Carterton property owners with resilient results that last for decades.

4. Fast Installation - Pattern imprinted concrete patios and driveways offer our Carterton clients a swift, simple installation process that causes minimal disruption to their daily lives. As paving contractors, we recognise that our customers want their patios and driveways finished as quickly as possible; we take every measure to do this while maintaining our own quality standards.

5. No Fading – Due to a polymer sealant used in the installation process, pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios retain their colour against UV light and the ever-changing elements.

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