Driveways in Kidlington | Block Paving or Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

When it comes to driveways, the final decision often comes down to a choice between block paving and pattern imprinted concrete. Both materials have a range of benefits to offer our Kidlington clients and their properties, so it’s understandable why a choice between the two is hard to make. With a shared trade experience of more than 30 years, our paving contractors can help guide you in the right direction.

Having laid both surfaces countless times, the team at Parklane Driveways has seen first-hand the benefits that they provide. Naturally, the final decision rests entirely in the hands of our Kidlington clients, but for those caught in confusion, we’ve listed the advantages of block paving and pattern imprinted concrete below.

The Advantages of Block Paving

Block Paving offers a stylish, long-lasting finish to complement any property. Available in a wide range of styles, textures and colours, we provide an array of options to suit the needs and tastes of any Kidlington property owner. When laid by our experienced paving contractors, and maintained with due care and attention, block paving driveways last for many years to come.

Should the situation arise to rework any areas due to damage or the need to access underground pipes, our paving contractors simply remove the blocks in the affected area. Unlike other surfaces, there isn’t any need to dig up the entire installation. This is a unique benefit that safeguards the original investment made by our clients in the Kidlington area.

When it comes to block paving driveways, our reputable paving contractors prioritise the installation of a strong sub base. This ensures that the individual blocks stay exactly where they should be. Many homeowners in Kidlington believe that if the surface of block paving driveways start to move or sink, it’s a problem with the actual block paving itself.

In truth, the issue can usually be sourced to the laying of an inadequate sub base, a situation clients of Parklane Driveways never find themselves in.

The cost of block paving is usually more expensive than that of pattern imprinted concrete but, dependant on several small factors, the difference isn’t as large as you might think.

To view examples of our previous work in block paving, as well as pattern imprinted concrete, please visit the recent projects page.

The Benefits of Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete is a newer type of installation for driveways in Kidlington. Our paving contractors pour a layer of concrete over a functional sub-base before the application of a colourant and hardener. Next, the wet concrete has a patterned mat laid over it to create the required finish. Designs range from textured stone to brickwork. Replication of other paving materials gives pattern imprinted concrete surfaces a more stylish and interesting range of finishes.

An almost unlimited range of designs and colours can be chosen for truly unique, bespoke driveways. Due to its easy-installation qualities, our paving contractors cover large areas with pattern imprinted concrete much quicker when compared with block paving. This is favoured by many of our commercial customers in Kidlington working to tight deadlines and budgets.

Much like with block paving, if the subbase is laid improperly by less experienced, less proficient paving contractors, issues can soon make themselves apparent. In the case of pattern imprinted concrete, these problems involve cracking and poor drainage.

For this reason alone, Parklane Driveways provides homeowners in Kidlington with unconditional guarantees on all labour and materials used. We take every measure possible to assure our clients of the quality, and longevity, of our installations.

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