Paving Contractors in Witney | Laying the Correct Subbase

When it comes to the installation of driveways, patios and pathways, Parklane Driveways offers free opinions, advice, quotations as well as time-served expertise in all aspects of block paving and pattern imprinted concrete. The outstanding results our paving contractors achieve in Witney and the surrounding areas, in addition to the unrivalled customer service we provide, has helped us form strong relationships with clients. This goes some way to explaining why a significant amount of our work comes from satisfied clients passing on our details to their friends, family and business associates.

Our paving contractors regularly talk to new customers in Witney about which type of sub-base works best for their properties and subsequent block paving and pattern imprinted concrete driveways.

For the convenience of our clients in Witney, we’ve outlined some of the key points that reoccur in these conversations below.

Granular Unbound Subbases for Driveways in Witney

A professionally-installed granular unbound sub-base is widely accepted as a perfectly adequate subbase for the vast majority of residential driveways. For Witney-based sites with sub-grade issues, especially on land with boggy, sandy or moveable surfaces, a bound base laid over a sub-base provides a superb all-in-one solution.

However, we feel that the use of a concrete base on firmer ground should only be carried out in extreme cases. Concrete costs more than granular aggregate, so using it as a subbase material pushes up the total price of block paving and pattern imprinted concrete driveways dramatically.

Unfortunately, not all paving contractors are created equal. Those who offer Witney property owners prices that seem ‘too good to be true’ often lay poorly constructed subbases that ultimately fail long before their time. Driveways afflicted with ruts or hollows can usually be sourced back to an installation team lacking skill and experience.

The most common reasons for failed subbases include:

With a team of paving contractors sharing more than 30 years of trade experience, Parklane Driveways has the know-how to avoid such issues.

Whichever one of our services we provide, from block paving and pattern imprinted concrete to flagstone pathways and brick edging, our clients in Witney can rest assured that our results have decades of expertise behind them.

Concrete Subbases for Driveways in Witney

The use of a concrete subbase creates rigid and unmoveable driveways. When working on land susceptible to movement, this approach is extremely effective. Furthermore, commercial customers in Witney in need of driveways on housing estates and access roads regularly opt for concrete subbases as the installation of choice.

To combat any drainage concerns, the professional installation of appropriate systems ensure that surfaces won’t become saturated or affected by standing water.

In our position as experienced paving contractors, we recommend that our clients question any suggestion by other companies to lay a concrete subbase. While in some cases it is the appropriate material to support block paving and pattern imprinted concrete driveways, in more cases it also leads to unnecessary overcharging.

Parklane Driveways takes great pride in using the correct subbase on every installation of block paving and pattern imprinted concrete driveways we undertake. By using us as your preferred paving contractors in Witney, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive the correct subbase and landscaping installation without the fear of being overcharged for no apparent reason.

If you’re searching for block paving or pattern imprinted concrete driveways in Witney, call 01865 841670 or 07968 532173.